Sunday, May 11, 2014

Noah's Ark - Bible-size replica

As my family is Christian, we were eager to check out Noah's Ark in Hong Kong. The ark is apparently a full-size replica based on bible dimensions.

We took the ferry from Central Piers, but there are various other modes of transport to Ma Wan Island, on which Noah's Ark sits. Check the official website for directions.

Along the walk in, we saw the fruits of the spirit listed along with some dove replicas.

From the outside, the ark itself looked huge indeed.

There were 67 pairs of life-size animal replicas all over the Ark Garden.

Another great photo opportunity - there was a good view of Tsing Ma Bridge from Noah's Ark.


The interior of the ark housed an exhibition (Ark Expo), which provided information such as the materials used in the construction of the ark, etc. There was a also a 4D theatre simulating the flood experience on the ark.

Our visit was a few years back, and at that time, we bought tickets only to the Ark Expo and Ark Garden. We didn't have kids with us, and didn't see the point in paying for the other attractions catered to children. When I looked at the official website again recently, it seems that they no longer do tiered ticketing - there is only one price, which admits you to all the attractions within Noah's Ark.

Is Noah's Ark worth visiting for believers? My personal opinion - it's ok to go once. I mainly enjoyed the view of the ark from the outside, and loved the photo opportunities, both of the ark and of Tsing Ma Bridge. The exhibition itself was not very interesting nor engaging. Having been there already, I will not go again.


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