Sunday, May 4, 2014

Julian Cheung - Captain Cool in Singapore

While I didn't bump into any celebrities on my recent trip to Hong Kong, I met one when I returned to Singapore.

It was a real treat to realise that one of my favourite artistes, Julian Cheung, was in town today to promote one of the brands for which he was the celebrity spokesperson. Only chanced upon the event as it was held at my neighbourhood mall. Captain Cool attracted quite a crowd - young and old, male and female!

In person, Chilam was tall and dashing, and quite skinny (he joked that he had lost weight and that his pants were falling off). His Mandarin was not too bad.

 Model ambassador doing his job - looking perfect picture in the massage chair.

Post-event, he stayed on stage for an interview with local media.

Had a chance to shake his hand as he was walking out. :)

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