Thursday, August 4, 2011

G.O.D. - To live better!

Whenever I'm in Hong Kong, I make it a point to visit the shop called G.O.D. Pronounced letter by letter, it sounds like the Cantonese slang for "to live better" (住好啲). Quite aptly, the shop sells lifestyle and household products, with a focus on modernising traditional Oriental items. I love the idea!

Look at those adorable looking suitcase-stools!

One of my very favourite items is this revamped red/white/blue bag (红白蓝胶袋).

The original red/white/blue bag is made of canvas, very cheap and often used for travelling. It is said to have originated from Hong Kong in the 1960s, and is now regarded as a distinctive part of Hong Kong culture. Such bags are still being sold!

 Photo from Wikipedia.

Another common sight in Hong Kong are the very old-fashioned letterboxes.

At G.O.D., they have been transformed into functional namecard holders.

And pretty magnets.

Recognise these rooster bowls?

What about this cracker box? Cleverly turned into a tissue box! I couldn't resist buying it.

Apart from these familiar old school items, G.O.D. also stocks some very cool and funky accessories for our modern gadgets.

One of my visits to Hong Kong happened to be before Chinese New Year (CNY), and G.O.D. teamed up with Maxim's Bakery to come up with pineapple tarts (a CNY snack staple) in mahjong tile packaging! The tarts didn't taste great, but on hindsight, I would still have bought the set just to add the box to my G.O.D. collection.

Got to love 'em! :)

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Causeway Bay
Add: Sharp Street, East Entrance, Leighton Centre, Causeway Bay
Tel: 2890 5555
Open: 12.00pm-10.00pm daily

Add: G/F & 1/F, 48 Hollywood Road, Central
Tel: 2805 1876
Open: Mon-Sat, 11.00am-9.00pm / Sun & PH, 11.00am-8.00pm

The Peak
Add: Shop 32-41, Level 2, 118 Peak Road, Peak Galleria
Tel: 2778 3331
Open: 11.30am-9.00pm daily

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